Do you accept my insurance?
We are not “in-network” with any insurance companies at this time, however, your treatment may be reimbursed if your carrier offers Out-of-Network coverage. Information on rates and using your insurance for mental health care can be found here:

What are your hours of operation?
Currently, we are in our Mission Valley office Tuesday through Saturday.  We offer day and evening hours for your convenience. To see our calendar or to make an appointment, click here. If you need a particular time/day for counseling, and you do not see an available appointment time, please contact us and let us know. Whenever possible, we are happy to accommodate your scheduling needs.

How do I make an appointment?
You may use our convenient online scheduling system by clicking here, or you can contact your therapist by phone or email. Here is our contact page:

Can I speak to you before making an initial appointment?
Of course! We prefer that you do. Choosing the right counselor is a big decision, and your comfort is important to us. We offer free 20-minute telephone consultations to answer your questions and help you decide whether or not you would like to make an appointment.

I am concerned about my privacy.
We understand. With few exceptions, what we talk about in therapy is kept strictly confidential. Clients, particularly those in high-profile careers, may sometimes worry about running into colleagues, patients, or clients of their own when they come for a therapy session. At Fletcher Therapy, even our waiting room is private – you won’t be in a lobby full of clinic patients, but in a comfortable and discreet space reserved for our clients alone.

Do you offer telemedicine?
By request, yes. With busy schedules, traffic, kids, and all the things that make appointments hard to keep, sometimes therapy by phone or video can work well. You can keep up with your sessions and still maintain your busy schedule. Sessions can be conducted by telephone or by video (VSee). We are able to work with clients who live anywhere within the state of California. If you are interested in sessions via video or phone, let the therapist know before you schedule an appointment.

Please feel free to explore our site, and if you need further information, just let us know. Thank you for visiting!