Summer 2022
Update – due to unprecedented demand for mental health services,
we are unable to accept new patients at this time.
Please check back for updates.


Fletcher Therapy is a private psychotherapy practice in San Diego, California,
working primarily with adults. 
Sessions are currently conducted by teletherapy – either video or telephone.



The Highly Sensitive Person (a trait also called Sensory Processing Sensitivity) has an increased sensitivity to internal and external stimuli. HSPs make up approximately 20% of the population, and it can be challenging to experience life so deeply. Let’s talk about how to cope and even thrive, and why I believe the HSP trait is a superpower.



Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors include chronic hair-pulling, skin picking, nail biting, thumb sucking, and more. I combine Cognitive Behavioral techniques with stimulus control, distress tolerance training, and tools for habit reversal, in conjunction with a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for these complex behaviors.



With COVID, healthcare professionals like physicians and nurses and First Responders have been challenged like never before. Even seasoned professionals are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.  I work from a trauma-informed approach to help you understand, process, and create more healthy and adaptive meanings.

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Tammy Fletcher, LMFT

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2022’s “No Surprises Act”

Fletcher Therapy offers premium psychotherapy services for those who want more from their clinician. 
By offering therapy directly to you, not through your insurance carrier,

we are able to provide an individualized therapeutic experience.
You can expect personalized care and direct access to your clinician.
We book fewer clients per day than the average, which allows us to reduce wait times,
offer more scheduling flexibility, and create a more personal relationship with your therapist.