Integrative psychotherapy for adults

Not your average therapy practice…

Who we are and what we do:

Fletcher Therapy offers premium psychotherapy services for those who want more from their clinician.  By offering therapy directly to you, not through your insurance carrier, we are able to provide an individualized therapeutic experience.


You can expect personalized care and direct access to your clinician. We book fewer clients per day than the average, which allows us to reduce wait times, offer more scheduling flexibility, and create a more personal relationship with your therapist.


We strive to offer collaborative, solution-oriented mental health care to help you achieve your goals and find balance in your life.

“Our ‘true self’ emerges by fully experiencing and processing our emotions in the presence of a ‘true other’.”
~ Diana Fosha, PhD

What kinds of issues do we work with?

At Fletcher Therapy, we help adults with:

– Anxiety disorders

– Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), such as chronic hair-pulling and skin-picking

– Chronic pain and illness

– Sensory processing sensitivity (also known as the Highly Sensitive Person trait, or HSP)

– Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, specializing in physicians, nurses, health care professionals, and First Responders.

You have questions – we have answers

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